Your Own Huge Authority Video Site With Endless Streams of PROFITABLE Visitors in Minutes From Now

For the FIRST Time Ever… The ULTIMATE All-in-One Video Site Builder + Fully Automated Video Marketing System

Now, You Get More Traffic... More Opt-ins. And more sales on AUTO-PILOT!

Video Essence Features Highlight:

  • Build a mega authority video site in minutes
  • Unseen intelligent video curation technology supplies your site with UNLIMITED fresh content with insane engagement & SEO optimization.
  • Get fast Google rankings with preloaded SEO options
  • Inbuilt customisable HD video player
  • Easy to use video engagement & conversion modules such as video ad serving, lead capture and more
  • Loaded with elegant & class theme for maximum results
  • 100% mobile responsive

A Professional, Profitable Video Site… Yours Right Now

Video Essence is the first ever fully automated video marketing system that combines the power of an all-in-one authority video site builder preloaded with the most intelligent video curation technology the 21st century has to offer, a traffic pulling animal and a profit generating beast into one PUSH BUTTON MACHINE… making it the choice product for smart marketers!

Fully Loaded Video Sites Built for you in minutes

Click your mouse one time and build MEGA AUTHORITY video sites IN MINUTES.

It doesn’t stop there, it also uses our flagship technology to curate the most engaging videos to your site with no effort on your part. Let it all happen for you automatically.


Video Essence also has a “1 Click Optimization” feature that gets your content ready for search engine rankings in second.

It has a full option SEO system from onpage optimizations to social/ engagement seo down to authority juice flow – we’ve got you covered.

This software is a traffic animal!


Scoop up leads and sales effortlessly on complete autopilot with your ROI modules. Some of the strategies include video ad serving, banners, CTA buttons, and lead capture forms.

And all the modules are plug n’ play ready to turn your traffic into real profit with zero effort.


This product comes together with a fully integrated WordPress theme, it also has a sleek and customizable HD video player to make your site look very professional. More importantly, we built this so you can hit the ground running FAST and keep growing your business…

You’ll Finally Use Video To Attract Visitors &
Make Them 80% More Profitable

Even if you’re new to all of this & have no interest in making videos!

Video has quickly become the cornerstone of marketing, it’s only going to get even bigger in 2015 and there’s a big reason for that… visitors after watching your videos are 80% more likely to take action than their counterparts who read text.

And this has turned video into the ULTIMATE marketing tool which is why over 85% of internet marketers now use videos on their sales letters, blogs, niche affiliate sites and squeeze pages to communicate with their audience because it’s the only guaranteed to make your audience take the action you need.

Here’s what’s even cooler…

The big guys are also in on this trend, in fact… Google themselves are bankrolling this revolution as they’ve made it SUPER EASY to use to video get on first page for any keyword you want while folks that have boring texts on their websites just keep struggling.

Smart SEOers embed videos on their sites for FAST traffic from search engines.

Video is now like an explosive keg powder for traffic generation, once you fire it up on your sites – results just come pouring in…

Even on Facebook, videos are exploding all over the network and going massively viral by the hour leaving insane amount of engagement on it’s wake.

You’ve probably noticed your Facebook newsfeed is mostly videos! You need to take advantage of this for your benefit… and it’s easier to do than ever.

The Days for Your Standard Boring Sites Are OVER – You Can Now Create

“Beautiful Highly Optimized, Traffic Sucking & Visitor Engaging Video Sites in Minutes…”

How Cool Is That?

Need a niche affiliate site making over 5 FIGURES per month? DONE

Need an authority video blog? DONE

Need a mega video site that dominates search engines at the push of a button? NO PROBLEM AT ALL

Need a complete all-in-one video marketing system that turns visitors into sales & leads on autopilot? WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED.

It doesn’t matter what you need as far as it has anything to do videos, Video Essence will get it done and a whole lot of things you haven’t even thought was possible yet… All with ZERO Skills, ZERO Headaches and Just a FEW Clicks of Your Mouse!


The #1 Fully Automated Video Marketing System!
  • Builds MEGA Authority video site in minutes
  • Discover and Curate trending videos on the fly
  • Flagship super-lightweight custom HD video player
  • Crisp display with flagship Video Essence theme
  • Loaded with FULL option video SEO setup
  • Next-Gen Visitor Engagement & Conversion Technology
  • PUSH BUTTON traffic generation enabled

With this system, you can build your own Traffic Sucking,
highly PROFITABLE and beautiful video site like this…

(Yep, Video Essence has it’s own WordPress theme – talk about a complete marketing system!)

You Get All The Videos And Contents You’ll Ever
Need WITHOUT Ever Having To Create Them!

You don’t ever need to worry about quality content ever again, you will have hundreds of Engaging, High Quality and SEO Optimized Contents drip-fed to your new video essence site day after day on complete auto-pilot…

…All you have to do is fire up our flagship intelligent curation technology that comes with Video Essence and with FEW clicks of the mouse, smartly curate videos on the MOST POPULAR, TRENDING and HOTTEST topics in your niche

And With The Inbuilt “On-the-Go Conversion Technology”,
Video Essence Will Turn Your Visitors into Leads & Sales
for you Automatically…

What’s Even Cooler? Video Essence Comes with an
Inbuilt & Very Sleek Customizable HD Video Player

  • Fully Customizable Player Exclusive for Video Essence owners

  • HD Ready & Absolutely Sleek Video Display

  • Crazy Lightweight, SEO Optimized and 100% Mobile Responsive Player

  • Next Gen Conversion & Sales Technology That Will Put REAL Profits in Your Pocket

  • Show Off Your Authority & Brand Domination with this powerful custom player

You Can START Today and Make A Killing With Video Essence…

Irrespective of What Kind of Marketing You Do – You Need Video and The Ultimate Tool To Harness The Power of Video for your Marketing is Video Essence. You can take advantage of this crazy marketing machine if you are a…

  • Video Marketer

  • Bloggers

  • Affiliate Marketers

  • Local SEO & offline marketers

  • Social Media Specialists

  • Niche Site SEO Experts

  • eCommerce Vendors
    & Affiliates

  • Business Coaches/
    Speakers & Authors

  • Product Reviewer

  • Product Creators

With Video Essence, We Have Just CHANGED The
Game – AGAIN!

We’re transforming the way you market online so we packed this Video Marketing System with a HUGE array of MUST HAVE, High-Power Features that will literally stack the cards in your favor. Everything you need in one place, just a click away...

One-Click Content Discovery & Curation Technology

With this feature, you can never ever run out of fresh high quality content again…

You simply just enter the keyword you want and hit the Discover button to give you a collection of all the HOTTEST & TRENDING videos of that keyword from Youtube, Vimeo & Dailymotion.

Then just check, check, check to pick up as many videos as you want and hit the “Start Building Now” button to get started.

Build Up Your Highly Engaging Content in Minutes…

You get FULL access to customize all the details of the videos you’re curating…

From the post title, to the description, keywords and tags… we let you control everything you need to make your content engaging.

Then just check, check, check to pick up as many videos as you want and hit the “Start Building Now” button to get started.

With the video preview function, you could easily hit the play button to watch the video and get more ideas in writing your content.
We also allow you to upload a “Custom Video Thumbnail”, this feature comes in handy for advanced engagement.

We follow up with this really cool Robot meta feature that allows you to control your content indexing and passing of link juice flow for search engine.

It doesn’t stop there, we push things to the limit for you with our cutting edge social SEO strategy that allows you to embed targeted Twitter and Google+ posts in your content for better performance

Turn Your Regular Post Into A Sales & Lead Generation
Machine in ONE Click…

Ready to collect leads and make real money on autopilot? We got you covered…

With just a single click of the mouse, you will have the power to unleash your marketing potential and sales technique on your visitors…

We have multiple options, you just pick one and turn your standard video post into your revenue generating machine. You could serve video ads of your products to the visitors or just clicks, whatever you choose to do, Video Essence will help you get it done in the most effective way.

Check out the options below…

Elite-Level Conversion Strategies Made Easy for You!

Your Curated Videos & Posts Can Appear In Google TODAY:

Authority Linking, Related Video Playlist SEO + Visitor Engagement Technology…
Automatically Done For You

Instantly make every post on your site an authority post that Google absolutely loves!

We built in this feature because we’re big on SEO traffic and Google rankings and we needed it for ourselves. Now, the entire power is yours to unleash as you wish.

Video Playlist SEO is one of the biggest SEO strategies right now to get search engine rankings and massive visitor engagement while linking to authority sites in your content has been known to smart SEOers as the best way to persuade Google in giving your site the authority it needs.

With Video Essence… you’ve got everything you need in one place – just a click away!

Video Essence Allows You To Easily Schedule
Your Campaigns…

Oh and everything is just a schedule easy…

You schedule as many campaigns as you want in one go or schedule it as deep into the future as you want… 1 day, 1 week or even 1 month in advance – no problem, we’ve got you covered.

This is a full option campaign scheduling system and it doesn’t just get any better than this.

And an Easy, Intuitive Dashboard to Manage Them All

(comes loaded with full campaign statistics too…)

We’ve Barely Tapped Into The Powers of
This Video Marketing Behemoth…
So, Here Are A Few More Features...

Inbuilt XML Video Sitemap with
Markup for FAST SEO Rankings

100% Mobile Responsive Allowing You
To Milk The Millions Of Mobile Users

Social Sharing To Increase Your Audience
Reach and Get You Even MORE Targeted

Crisp Post Display for Maximum
Visitor Engagement

(built with our flagship “Bounce Rate Reduction
Technology” for retained search engine rankings…)

Remember in the beginning, I told you that “THIS IS DIFFERENT” and I meant every single word of that statement. I know by now, you must have come to see it for yourself too that Video Essence is something on a whole new level, with this product… we’re changing the way you make money online forever – we’re raising the bar and everything is stacked in your favor.

That’s why we went knee deep to get Video Essence fully integrated with all the movers and shakers in the industry to allow you collect leads with ease and sell products like a real champ.

Seamlessly Integrates With All the Leading Email Service Providers and Even Self Hosted Autoresponders


We built Video Essence with one goal in mind and that is to grow our business rapidly and the real growth comes from building our list fast.

So, we made sure we integrated all the leading list management and email service providers into this Video Essence. We did this because we needed that flexibility ourselves as we have memberships with multiple email service providers. Now, we give you all that power, too!

Also, we added another amazing functionality “Self Hosted AR Integration” that allows you to use any and all kind of Autoresponders with Video Essence through the HTML form codes.

Use it to Sell your Products as a Vendor
or Promote products as an Affiliate…

(whatever you decide to do, we got you!)

Here’s What Smart Marketers & Industry Experts Are Saying About Video Essence

Ray Lane "The Video Guy"

Professional Video Marketer

“Video Essence is an awesome tool. Why? Because I can monetize all the videos on my site. I have a similar plugin, but it does not provide all the additional options this has like banners, video ads and buttons. This is going to improve my conversions by at least 100% over my old plugin. Plus VE has even more options. Loving it...”

Brian Parnall

SEO Expert & Super Affiliate

“Video is super-hot right now but what’s the use of making all the fancy videos if nobody gets to see actually see them. That’s why I got really hooked with Video Essence… what this product does is its takes ANY video you want and turn it into a profitable asset for you in just MINUTES… – this thing is unreal especially the social SEO, playlist SEO and those kickass conversion features… God, I’m LOVING this!

Robert Phillips

Business Coach & Local SEO Marketer

And We’re Backing Everything Up With A…

“30 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee”

I’m 100% confident you’ll love marketing and automating your profits on a whole new level with Video Essence. I’m so confident that I’m making this offer a risk free investment for you.

If that within the next 30 days of your purchase, you feel that you don’t absolutely love Video Essence or you encounter any issues that we’re not able to fix it for you, we’ll give you a full refund – 100% satisfaction guaranteed with Video Essence!

You’ve Seen All Of The Traffic Generating, Conversion Maximizing Power And Beauty Of Video Essence… So You Know We Could Easily Sell This for $499.95 And That Would Still Be A Conservative Price

But You Can Take Advantage of The Grand Opening Special And Lock In LIFETIME Access To Video Essence With One TINY Investment

NO Monthly Fees Ever – Pay Once, Own It for Life!

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Can I Install This On My Already Existing Sites?

Yes, Video Essence works on both brand new and already existing sites, you just install the plugin and theme, activate and you’re ready to go.

Must I Use The Flagship Video Essence Theme?

The Video Essence core system is a very powerful plugin on it’s own and it’s totally standalone but we’ve built a perfect WordPress theme from ground up to bring out the beauty of this product.

We’ve synced them together so for best results, we recommend installing, activating and using them together.

Is It Legal To Curate Videos I Don’t Own?

Heck Yeah! Users of popular video sites like Youtube, Vimeo and DailyMotion have their videos by default “set to public & allow embedding” essentially giving you the full rights to curate and embed their videos as you deem fit as far as you don’t claim ownership.

Curating and Embedding video sites is public knowledge and Google loves sites that embed videos and ranks them super high in the SERPs.

Do You Provide Training & Customer Support?

YES! There’s full training on Video Essence that awaits you in the members area on you lock in your access now. It will show you how to use Video Essence to it’s maximum potential.

And we take pride in the FIRST CLASS level of customer support we offer to all our customers. If you need help, just drop us a ticket at and we’ll take care of you.

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